Collapsing Train Depot

We had seen this one online as another 'secret spot' and had reason to believe it was up north. It did take a while with minimal externals, but one Winter night, I spent a good few hours tracking it down and wanted to go right away. It didn't seem like the sort of place that would remain lacking in vandalism in the UK, and also was quite special. Before the lockdown, we headed up there for sunrise and everything went swimmingly, spending way too long inside for the open space available. Visited with @jtza .

Immediately inside, you can see why this place is out of the ordinary. Not taking away from the 60s-80s trains, the building itself is very dated and contains some nice architecture.

The blue Mark 2 car that snaked over the two lanes in the shed.

The front cabin of the Mark 2, beside an old brake van.

Inside the Mark 2.

Mail compartment.


Further up the train, it began to get slightly more stripped and decayed. The buffet car was difficult to walk through with seats and cushions piled on the floor.

Heading towards the red Mark 1 at the north end of the shed. We were very intrigued to see what lay inside this one, due to the first class signs on every window and the older style of design.

A private booth inside. Sadly, this older carriage was only one car long.

Note the decorative throws on each seat and the ornate light fittings.

Following a look inside each train that wasn't freight, the rest of our time here was spent on the various gantry walkways that run parallel all the way along the tracks as well as on the roof of the trains. The two options definitely gave the best view of the site.

A little wholesome picture to finish with.

Here is the link to our documentary styled video filmed at the transport shed. We cover the building's past, present and future through cinematics and narration:

Wolsingham Train Depot