About Urbandoned Team

We are a group of three friends, Alistair, Alex, and Theo who have dedicated the past four years to capturing and exploring abandoned structures, primarily in the United Kingdom. We all grew up in the same area of England and attended both high school and college together meaning our passions eventually collided. We can all agree that from stepping in our first abandoned building years ago we all became instantly hooked by the surreal feeling you get, as if you are wandering back through time. It was this feeling that led us to documenting these unique locations. Originally Alex and Theo ran a separate YouTube channel under the name of “The Excursionists” until November 2020 where the decision was made to merge our efforts, hoping to create even better content. After beginning to explore more than ever over 2020, the entire group is still hit with the same feeling of astonishment, adrenaline, and awe when we set foot in a new site. This feeling, along with the incredible support, motivates each one of us to carry on getting out there and exploring what the world has to offer.


What got you guys into urbex?
We all began exploring with our childhood friends without realising the depth to the hobby. The more we went out the more we learnt, and it snowballed from there out.

What camera equipment do you use?
We currently shoot our video and photographs on a Sony a7iii, Canon 80D and Nikon D7100. We aim to all be using Sony a7’s of some description in the near future!

Do you get permission to enter the sites you film?
No, we do not get permission, but what we do is under civil law in the U.K.

How can I contact Urbandoned?
You can contact us in many ways, either through our Contact Us page, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter linked below. If you wish to talk to us, then feel free to join our discord server also linked below.