Massive Chemical Factory

To get the full jist of this place, you need to read @Speed 's selection of reports when it is was really special, which was probably the reason I added it to my map a few years ago. Nevertheless, it is still a very impressive industrial site and we are glad we finally succeeded in entry, which, I am 90% confident in saying, isn't possible anymore due to the inevitable demolition process beginning. Also need to thank @albino-jay for the assistance as I/we would have struggled without it.

We visited the site two weeks in a row but each time, due to ongoing demolition on Saturday and Sunday surprisingly, we were forced we go do other things until later in the afternoon when the space had cleared up. This is why we were unable to see the larger, red, rotary dissolvers that lie in the largest building on site, simply because the sun was setting, and without a car, you need to rely on the poor bus timetable to get home, which had it's final running at 5.30pm. It was agonising to see a gaping entry into the largest building, but knowing that if we went in to explore it, we'd be kipping in the ash filled property over night.

On the way in

A few external shots. I found the outside really photogenic although the buildings are all naturally ugly

Winnington B's control room

The smaller of the two rotary dissolver buildings

To finish, a shot on the way out after the second visit

Here's the link to out documentary styled video we made from this exploration. We cover the property's past, present and future through cinematics and narration: