Untouched Chapel

Very little history to go with this one. The chapel was built 1862, remodelled, and enlarged in 1893 and then severely damaged on 5 July 1913 when a man named W A B Ross set fire to the chapel after he was unable to find any money to steal. It was reopened 15 December 1915.

Inside and apart from the main chapel that is equipped with pine seating and a pipe organ, there are a couple of vestry rooms. There is also a school room, minister’s room, kitchen, first floor smaller kitchen, toilets, study rooms that are of interest (sort of..)

Myself, Alex and @UrbandonedTeam stopped off at this spot on a day out round the North of Wales back in summer in hope to tick some stuff off before heading on a longer trip to the south that never happened due to corona. Hardly anything has changed since @Exploring with Andy posted and explored this site back in 2016 which was a nice surprise.

To start off with, the main chapel hall.

The main entrance.

Stairs leading to the gallery.

We passed through some extra rooms on the way to the school room such as the kitchen.

The school room.

Here is a comparison from when the room was used and since it has become derelict.

That's all, thanks for looking!​