Stretford Hospital

The hospital closed in 2015 due to overcrowding. No plans have been made on any redevelopment yet, but hopefully the front building is saved.

We had been warned of hourly security patrols but it seemed we had a stroke of luck for a change as security was nowhere to be seen during our entire trip. Nevertheless we made our way round the back of the site and eventually found an access, with some nasty bruises and wounds along with it.

I believe there is also a morgue here in a small building near the hospital with a chimney but it was all bricked up when we looked. If it is a morgue I highly doubt that there is a slab, this hospital is too small.


Corridors and stairs:

Medical equipment:

Other stuff:


Here's the link to my documentary styled exploration video of this building. I cover the past, present and future through cinematics and narration: