Part Active Irish Hospital

After checking most of the live Irish asylums for disused sections, this one came up trumps with a couple others. Later we would find old reports of the site on the forum, that made it look even more promising with a lot of abandoned bits in comparison to a small section we thought what the only vacant part. Midway through our trip, we visited the place and found the grounds fairly empty of walkers or workers, so finding an entry was relatively simple but physically difficult all the same. It turns out that at least half of the property is disused, and we definitely explored some cleaner wings that I hadn't seen images from, making me think that they had closed a few years ago. The odd beds from the reports had been removed and the hall was sealed, but we still had an enjoyable time walking through the grand structure and trying not to enter anything remotely active, which was misleading at times. Supposedly, there is a padded cell somewhere in the site but we didn't come across it, so it might be in the active space.


The corridors in the building were probably it's best feature.


A nice window heading up the staircase to the second floor.

This section was formerly the college. I didn't get any photos but most rooms that looked like converted cells had children's drawings of cartoon characters in them.

Finally, into the very decayed section at the back. There was more graffiti and rare signs of vandalism in here, leading me to think that youths had easy access to this part in the past. With all the ground floor windows metal sheeted up now, it doesn't seem like any of it was recent.

A view of the complex looking from most abandoned to least abandoned (live) in the distance.

Some old hospital signage indicated that this was neglected way before everything else.

We probably would have continued looking for more parts or headed into the basement, but daylight was running out and we still had another place to see as well as the task of finding a camping spot for the evening. Therefore, we left with the asylum still with some mystery inside it, for sure.

Here is the link to our documentary styled video filmed at this location. We cover the hospital's past, present and future through cinematics and narration: