Palladium Cinema

It opened prior to 1934 when it was sold by Regent Cinemas to ABC, who kept it only until 1940 before selling it on to an independent. It is a free standing building constructed of brick with a tiled roof. In 1943 it had an 18 foot proscenium arch and 1,027 seats. The cinema closed around 1968 in favour of bingo, but there are reports that it reopened for Asian films. However by 2000 it had closed and is now in a poor state, though there are persistent rumours of reopening as a dual cinema / theatre. When last seen, there were holes in the roof and urgent remedial work was needed if the building were to be saved. It has survived at least two fires, one in 1944 when repairs were quickly made and the cinema reopened on 22 December 1944, and lately in February 2004 when arsonists set fire to some of the seats piled up in the derelict building. - Cinema Treasures

As it stands today:

One of the best features is the old title, fading above the entrance.

Having had this pinned for a year or so, we were looking at other stuff in the area so we ended up outside the ruined structure. I don't think it's been reported as of yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if someone has been, and just decided not to post their shots! Don't be expecting any ornate details; the building is stripped of everything and one that an Instagram photographer would find difficult to get a high liked money shot. Still, it shared similar architecture to the Regal Cinema not too far away in Bacup, so we didn't mind looking through, finding some old bingo cards, lottery tickets and other memorabilia on the floor.

Under the balcony

The 'sundial' was one of the only features left, but looked moments away from falling down. It's surprising that vandals haven't been inside, with the various hanging lightbulbs totally untainted, rather than smashed.

Urinals - you can see the signs of the 2004 fire.

Upstairs, through the doorway you can just about see the ladder that would take you to the projector room.

Looking towards the screen from the balcony. The red is probably the best preserved colour remaining.

Projector room

Some extra details to finish. Note the scraped off 'No smoking' sign in order to replace it.