Ornate Asylum

This visit was a while ago so there's only so much I can remember about out trip up to Scotland for it. We had originally scouted the asylum when staying in Perth on our 2018 public transport trip to Scotland, but with no success and no idea what beauty lay inside. A year later, various photographs slipped through the system and I remember matching up the windows and being pretty excited that an ornate ballroom resided inside. From what I'd heard, security of the new hospital were on top of this one, with regular sealing and internal sensors and only the old skool Scots had managed it in the past. In 2019, the grip seemed to loosen and scrappers and explorers began to find their way into the vast premises much more frequently. The robberies, most noticeably of lead from the roof, would since cause extensive deterioration in the building and some of it's best features are unrecognisable today from their condition then.

Visited with @DustySensorPhotography after the gross Parliament House pigeon shenanigans. Also didn't take as many photos as I remembered.

The stunning octagonal atrium with male and female wings leading off.



One of the only medical remnants we found. This room was the dentistry and despite having no operating light, it was relatively intact.

Here is the link to our documentary styled video of the asylum. We cover the building's past, present and future through cinematics and narration: