Moonlit Pool

At night, the streets were crowded so I din't get any externals.

Church Street School and its ancillary buildings were built for Govan Parish School Board to accommodate 1,308 pupils. The school replaced the former Partick Academy, built on the site by Alexander Watt circa 1850 and later relocated. Donald Bruce and E A B Hay were commissioned to build the new school by Govan School Board, for whom they also built Balshagray Public School in 1904 and made alterations to Bellahouston Academy between 1893 and 1901. The pool was drained in 1997 and I believe it's the only remaining part of the school that remains, not including the ruined Janitor's house that just about stands today.

Another place from another Scotland trip with @DustySensorPhotography , this time a rough 24 hours around Glasgow before Christmas. This trip spiralled from successful to us getting bag searched at a place you would least expect to be bag searched at. We had originally tried this one in 2018 after seeing @The_Raw 's report but to no prevail. This time we were able to make our way inside, following some help from @Camera Shy . I really enjoyed this pool with it's ornate bannister and arched ceiling, but would have loved to see it in daylight.

Here are some photographs of the inside.

The iron staircase was probably my favourite part.

That's all for the photographs. Here you can find the two place video we made on Scottish leisure facilities. We cover this building's past, present and future through cinematics and narration from the 7.05 mark: