Milton Green Highways Depot

It was @KPUrban_ that pointed me towards this site after informing of us of the more well-known spot down the road. Once me and @DustySensorPhotography had checked said site we thought we should pop over the heras and have a look what was inside. With no idea as to what the site was apart from a wishful guess from KP, we went to work it out for ourselves. I was surprised to see little to no foot traffic throughout any of the buildings considering the easy access and where it is positioned relative to the other derp. Plenty of decay had settled in in the office block containing the reception and stores which made it worth documenting. This area linked directly to the maintenance workshop with an electricians shop, canteen, quarantine area and toilets/changing rooms all leading off. Outside of the main attraction was a couple of hangar type buildings that were empty and ruined. My assumption is that they acted as storage units for vehicles that were either waiting for maintenance or waiting for deployment, but I could be wrong. With a little more history, it could point to their former use around construction time.

Reception Block.

Looking through the windows as we walked the perimeter of the building increased our expectations before getting inside. Sadly, what we saw on the outside turned out to be all that was of interest.

We began in the Stores. They were bare but had a great English Electric installation at the back of the room.

The stores then lead straight to the large workshop. It was of course empty but came as a surprise due to the way we entered the site meaning we didn’t see the size of this area. A few slightly dated features were sat inside but not many. Most of the health and safety posters up around the room were dated as 1989.

Quarantine Area.

Office inside the workshop.

A shot from the opposite side of the room.

The canteen could be found here, and it was originally an “Electrical Test Shop” before they used it as a canteen. It wasn’t the most impressive canteen.

Next door was the new electricians shop.

Once we had finished shooting the workshop we moved through towards the reception area and the remaining offices which were the best areas in my opinion due to the amount of the decay.

For the remainder of the explore we had to battle with the most cobwebs and flies we’d encountered yet. We used anything we could to waft them out the way. Towards the end of the corridor, it got too much, and we resulted to crawling. In some of these shots you can just about make them out. The amount of cobwebs was surprising and indicated hardly anyone had walked through here in a while.

Enquiries. Allowing a peek into the offices to come.


This shot gives you a better idea of the maze of cobwebs.

One of the hangar type buildings. There were two of these buildings left and this was the only one accessible at the time. I doubt the other one is any different.

The remaining buildings. The building far west of the site is part used by the ambulance service and is not accessible.

That is all, thanks for reading!​