Isolated Manor

Cahercon is a substantial mid 18th century Georgian house altered with wings in the mid 19th century. It faces across the Shannon estuary. It was formerly the seat of the Scott Family and later the Kelly and Vandeleur families. Latterly owned by Salesian Religious Order before sale to the Whelan Quarry Group. It has been vacant since acquisition by the Whelan Group. No development proposals have been put forward. The Whelan Group has since been put into liquidation/receivership. This building urgently requires new uses to be identified to prevent further deterioration of its character. The property was put on sale market in 2014.

We overestimated any protection that was on this place. For about 45 mins we pushed through thick undergrowth to take a 'lowkey' approach to the building, when in reality, we could've wandered round the front past the old CCTV cameras, as the property wasn't sealed at all, with even the front door being open.

Connecting to the main building is a Victorian conservatory made with iron.

Overgrown inside the conservatory.

Ballroom without lights on.

Ballroom with lights on.

Other lower floor Georgian architecture

Main staircase

I was particularly fond of this corridor.

Timberwork showing.

At the top of the staircase.

Here's the link to our documentary styled video filmed at this site. We cover the building's past, present and future through cinematics and narration: