Hunters House

As with most of these sorts of places, there is little to no history we could find. From what we discovered, the building was last used in 2015, and the grandparents that we think lived there were in the process of moving when something tragic happened, causing the structure to be left as it was. It seems that the residents were proud hunters, and the original people that found the house came across a rifle and animal trophies hung on the walls. Since then, those types of belongings have been stolen, and the only remains are shotgun pellets.

Had the pin for this spot for a good couple years now but getting to it had always been an issue with no car, and it's isolated point. Luckily, @The Excursionists were up for it, so one day we set off to try some places in that area. I think we managed two houses, with an old prison crammed in the middle that ended with a creepy woman filming us from her window, as she phoned the police. Houses like this are always easy to enter, and this one was no different. We spent an hour or so inside with no bother.

In the main hallway

Dining room

Some photographs remaining. We think the grandparents are visible in the middle frame, with their grandchildren who would visit occasionally.


From the dining room, a staircase took you into a room filled with fishing equipment

A bedroom

The main staircase

One of the spare rooms - the tricycle indicates that this was a room stayed in by the grandchildren when they visited

That's all for the house. Here you can find our documentary styled video on the site, covering the building's past (what we could work out), present and future through cinematics and narration: