Historic Hotel

In a circa-1850s Victorian building across the street from Huddersfield train station, the hotel is a Grade II listed building. The 60 bed hotel was built in 1851 and closed in January 2013. This hotel is a 3 star rated hotel and was designed by William Walker.

Access to this one was rather tricky and as I said, we lost a solid hoodie during this explore, yet, we still think it was worth it. There is a lot to see but it is mainly concentrated in one part of the structure as all of the rooms have been stripped of anything interesting, except the wallpaper in some.

Exterior, many walk past every day with no idea that it lies abandoned. There is little to express this except a few warning signs on the main entrance door.

Inside we were immediately confronted by many empty spaces so we wondered whether the building had been stripped since it was last explored. However, as we moved further towards the front side, we were happy we were wrong.

Not the exact same room but you get the idea


Ballroom/Dining room


Lobby and reception

Here you can check out my documentary styled video on this site (if you desire!) It covers the hotel's past, present and future through cinematics and narration: