Detached House

There will also be a report on the other house we visited on this day after this one. After we finished exploring that one, we had a long walk to this one which we were more intrigued by, and I focused the documentary styled video on below.

I've never done one of these 'untouched' homes before so it was a great experience looking through all the items and remnants from other eras. The decay in the lounge room was great, with ivy sweeping in through the window frame, and growing all over the floor and up the walls, yet the fireplace ornaments still sat there without bother.

That's all - sorry if the report is slightly picture heavy; I got carried away snapping closeups of the little bits and bobs dotted around. Believe me, I've cut the pictures down massively to this amount...

Here's the link for the documentary styled video we did on the two derelict homes we visited. We cover the site's present and future through cinematics and narration:
(this explore begins at 4.34)