Detached House

I have little history on this property, but from the dates of newspapers inside and google maps imagery over time, we can presume it became abandoned in the mid-2000s.

Our friend Andy found this one so props to him, and although these untouched houses don't tend to be my thing, after we figured it out, we couldn't resist heading there the following day with it being so close. The property is isolated in a rural setting, and full of old furniture and vintage belongings, smothered in dust and falling debris from the ceiling and walls. Since our visit, and Facebook's inevitable grasp of the site, for me personally some of the worst Urbex caused issues have sprung to life - various items have been stolen from the building and stuff has been moved about for the hotshots... I could ramble all day about that but it happens to everywhere sadly.

A birdbox that isn't looking its best.

Inside the house. Everything contrasts quite a bit from the outside and there is a bunch to look at.

On the upstairs landing lied a stunning stained glass window.

A doll's house with an intact interior - one of the belongings tragically stolen in the next few weeks.

The furniture in some of the upper rooms was beautifully crafted.

Here's the link to our documentary styled video on the property. We cover the home's past, present and future through cinematics and narration: