Decorated Manor House

It seems like the manor is in a stage of temporary abandonment in between owners where regions of the interior are becoming damaged. However, it probably wouldn't take too much to restore it to it's full glory.

Not too much to say about this one. A place we had for a while, so when it was supposedly open, we made the decent length trip up to it. It was surprising that it was open as we thought it had been inhabited once more at this stage. Looking online at the time, it was still on the market but was soon purchased after our visit. Therefore, I don't know what it will be like now. Disregarding the structure itself, the surrounding landscape is incredible and would be one of the prime selling points of owned five hectares of land for residents. Accessing the structure was simple and it is quite easy to manoeuvre around the cameras that are supposedly monitored every now and then. The building is architecturally beautiful, with many different periods of design showcased in every room you walk into. It was also a interesting insight into the sort of property you could live in with the right amount of wealth. The power worked throughout and it seemed that some of the nicer features were kept clean possibly for walkthroughs for buyers. Visited with @jtza and @DustySensorPhotography .

Starting with the grandest areas on the ground floor.

The arched main corridor with LED panels to show the detail on the ceiling.


Ornate stained glass in a trio of double doors.

We think this was the chapel described in some of the history we found about the home.

Another nice fireplace...

and another.

There were two kitchens in the building, both differing strongly in architecture.

Tiled bathroom.

Upstairs, there was little to see besides this one room with yet another lovely fireplace and intricate ceiling.

Private cinema in the basement.

That's all for the photographs. Here is the link to our documentary styled video showcasing the mansion. We cover the building's past, present and future through cinematics and narration: