Decaying Irish Seaside Hotel

The hotel was constructed in 1970 and later extended in 1989 and 1992. The entire is situated on coastal lands extending to 30 hectares. Internally the property provides 32 guest bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms, reception, bar, restaurant, kitchen, office, conference and function room, beauty salon and leisure centre (with heated pool and gym), ladies and gents WC's, staff and laundry rooms. Externally the property provides ample surfaced car parking and extensive coastal lands. Adjacent to the hotel comprises six attached apartments known as 'Dun Na Mara' also inclusive in the sale, built to a high standard with uninterrupted Sea Views.

The doors have remained closed since receivers acting on behalf of the banks put the 32-bedroom hotel up for auction almost four years ago with a reserve price of just €590,000. We would predict that lack of tourism in the isolated area, causing not enough money to pay for the upkeep of the dated structure would be the reason for the site's demise.

This hotel was a must for us on our Summer trip. From speaking to some Irish veteran explorers, it has been visited for a number of years, but only recently it gained a lot of attraction on social media and Face(TikTok)Book. It's a long drive over to the location, so we were hoping the fresh articles and heavy amount of visitors wouldn't have affected security on the building. However, despite rumours that the hotel had been sealed days before our planned route there, everything went well and it was one of my favourite memories from the trip.

The location of the structure is beautiful on it's own and worth visiting even if the building was sealed. Taking in the view from the resort's roof was truly special. As for the interior, the deterioration is some of the most stunning we have ever seen, rooms on rooms absolutely filled with green but with most furniture and items remaining. It was a joy to wander through on a hot summer's day. Visited with @jtza , @huyt.urb and @DustySensorPhotography .

Starting on the ground floor, the decay gradually improved as we went higher.

Dance hall.

Signs of nature creeping in.

Lower kitchens. The green tiling was particularly nice.


Second floor bar.

Close-up of some of the mossy cups on the bar.

Into the hotel's restaurant. The chairs and tables were still setup.

Upstairs kitchen.

The top floor consisted of the bedrooms. Most of these had escaped any vandalism, some of which boasting beautiful decay. This was definitely my favourite feature of the complex. Three stages of abandonment right here:

Close-up of the beds.

Finally, we caught the views of the surroundings from the balcony, formerly utilised for visitor sitting at the restaurant.

Here is the link to our documentary styled video filmed at the hotel. Actually prefer this over all the others we recorded. We cover the building's past, present and future through cinematics and narration: