Clydebank Playdrome

Clydebank's Playdrome Leisure Centre was built 1991-94. It follows a nautical theme, with the roof suspended from giant masts and the vast interior space not dissimilar to that of a grand ocean liner, with light descending from a vast cupola. Claiming to have some of the best swimming facilities in the West of Scotland, the centre includes a 25-m (27-yard) swimming pool, a separate teaching pool and a leisure pool, complete with wave machine, water slides, river rapids, water canons, tyre ride and a beach area. It also offers sports halls with facilities for badminton and indoor bowls, squash courts, exercise classes, and a health and fitness club. The double sports hall features retractable seating for 450 and can also offer an exhibition venue with more than 1000 sq. m of floor-space.

In 2017, the leisure centre relocated to a new facility not far away, that costed over £23 million, resulting in the closure of this site. Since then, there has been a lot of vandalism, mainly a large fire in 2018, causing nine fire engines to work on it.

Had this pinned for a while so decided to check it out on our recent Scottish trip with @jtza . As you can see from the following image, since the fire they have clamped down on any access points and added the most armadillos I have ever seen at an abandoned place. Nevertheless, with some extra work, I managed to get in solo and spent a couple hours inside. Surprisingly, there was no alarms that we anticipated and I was able to walk around until it was dark, seeing the main points of interest.

The main pool hall, with two slides varying in fear levels.

Old photos to contrast.


Bowling green.

Here is our documentary styled video shot at the abandoned leisure centre. We cover the building's past, present and future through cinematics and narration: