Cinema with Power

The lighting in here was nice for the filming, but as for the photos it was quite a challenge because the room becomes completely orange from the single bulb on overhead. I find that my quick-edit app on my phone brings the original colours of the main hall better than Lightroom + Photoshop for some reason, but for this report, the pictures are all Lightroom. We were quite confused about how the power is even on in the damaged structure, but the fact above that the roof is being used for a signal mast might be the reason, and not that it was left on.

External shot of the site - all that has changed really is the 'GAUMONT' lettering has been removed and the shutters are now down, sealing it from the outside.

The entrance hall

Upstairs from the entrance hall, we found a Greek restaurant with some records decorating the wall. Sadly, they are all smashed up.

Ground level floor of the main cinema hall

The stripped balcony

Finally, a shot from the roof to finish.

The building is up for around £75,000 but no takers so far.

Here's the link for my documentary styled video of this cinema - we cover the building's past, present and future through cinematics and narration: