Church With Boxing Arena

Don't have much on this one but we missed out when it first came into a perspective a few months back and we weren't going to make the same mistake this time around.

I can't find a huge amount of detail online about this location so I'll just say what I know.

Wycliffe is a Grade II listed church built in 1849 in the Gothic Revival style of the mid-19th century. The boxing gym in the basement had no direct link to the church as far as I'm aware, it was just a hired space that also closed with the church. Paramount Amateur Boxing Club was opened by Ricky Hatton.

I've seen many spots with items remaining, untouched etc, but this one is on other levels. Of the stuff that remains inside, some of it could probably go for a huge amount as it is precious artefacts of the sport. It is unreal that it has been dumped inside the decaying structure.

A quick exterior shot I grabbed as we were leaving

The church, upstairs, ground floor

Looking closer at the organ

The back rooms of the church

The ring

That's all for that - apologise for the lack of pictures in the ring. There was a lot more to show, but I wasn't focusing on the pictures.

Here's the link to my documentary styled video of this building. I cover the site's past, present and future through cinematics and narration: