Chadderton Baths

The Art Nouveau Chadderton Baths was a public swimming facility opened in 1937. Henry Taylor, the British Olympic freestyle swimming triple gold medalist and champion was an attendant at Chadderton Baths where many of his awards were displayed. Chadderton Baths were closed indefinitely in 2006 after a structural survey found faults which could have put the public at risk. Chadderton Sports Centre, built onto the Baths, was closed and replaced by the Chadderton Wellbeing Centre in January 2010. An application to demolish the Baths was made in March 2011. The Chadderton Historical Society has tried unsuccessfully to save the abandoned building, which Oldham Council is reportedly set on demolishing, despite the wishes of Chadderton residents and support from local councilors.

Once we had entered the property, moving into the swimming pool area led us into the path of four or five portrait photographers conducting a shoot with permission and keys. Luckily they didn't mind us being there although I think they were confused at first as to where we had came from. We should have just knocked on the door!

The pool itself

Central staircase

The additional sports hall building, which remained open after the baths were closed down in 2006. Power worked in here for some reason, so we could have a good kick-about in the hall

(taken before the lights came on... also lit with a phone torch...)

Here's the link for our documentary styled video of the exploration. We cover the building's past, present and future through cinematics and narration: