Caul Powered Power Station

Although when we visited, there had been recent security problems with other explorers that had been, we managed to gain entry cleanly without any issues, and spent a solid few hours exploring the maze of rusty machinery and scaffolding inside.


Inside the building that isn't the turbine hall. This one would've housed the beginning of the coal process - the coal would be sent to the top of the structure via a conveyor belt, to be burned in the boilers into highly condensed steam, which would then flow to the turbines.

Into the opposing building, where the turbine hall is situated. Asbestos removal is currently ongoing in here and then it will be demolished. The turbines would spin the steam in their internal generators to make electricity.

The turbine hall

Finally, a quick trip onto the roof to finish as the sun went down.

Here you can find the link for our documentary styled video on this site. We cover the impressive structure's past, present and future through cinematics and narration: