Car Dealership

In December 2018, there was a massive overnight fire, causing incredible destruction to this property. All surrounding homes were vacated and the fire was put out completely two days after. Since then, everything sits inside torched, and the only possible end result can be demolition, which probably hasn't occured yet because the structure is so close to active buildings.

A infra-red shot shows the collapse of the roof which curls down like a ramp, and covers a large amount of cars with rubble.

There are two separate warehouses that are full with cars. One is much smaller so we went in it but didn't bother taking any camera shots, knowing the main section was around the corner.

This shot just shows how bad the condition of the site is. Some of the bent support beams swayed just balancing on top of each other as we walked underneath.

Here's the link to our documentary styled video which covers the site's present and future state through cinematics and narration: