Abandoned Snooker Club

The building features various bars and private suites, one of which had been converted into a snooker hall at some point, and housed the towns snooker competitions. Not long before closure in 2016, an article depicted the complications the club had undergone throughout it's later years, such as having it's license suspended, poor management and incidents like underage drinking, public disorder and hospitalisations. It is currently up for sale without an owner.

Originally, we had this pinned as a backup if everything else went wrong due to it's unlikely town-centre location, but our luck was going so well in the opening few days of our Scottish road trip in September that we figured 'why not?' Although we had confirmation that the building was recently sealed, a simple entrance was quickly found and it was so relaxed that we nipped for some lunch before returning with Hi-vis equipped to head inside.
Internally, the structure is quite stunning for a building of its nature. The ornate coves and ceilings, multiple stained glass windows and carved bannisters make it a shame that it is out of use. We enjoyed having a walk around the structure for the afternoon and playing some snooker.

Main staircase with more nice stained glass.

Upstairs ballroom. It appeared that it had been refurbished before closure.
Miscellaneous rooms upstairs. It got very modern all of a sudden and seemed as if these spaces had only recently become vacant.

Here is the link to our documentary styled video covering the snooker club. We showcase it's past, present and future through cinematics narration:
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