Welcome to the website!

February 11, 2021

For the first post here, we thought we would steer it away from are actual plans and use it as an introductory post, something to help you familiarise yourself with the site and understand our thought process behind it all.

When beginning to plan and design our website, we imagined a professional digital hub that acted as a base for all our content. With that in mind we went forward to feature all the standard links to socials and including an embedded spot for our recent video. This is not particularly revolutionary, we know, but alongside our videos we always write a location report. These include a better insight to the history of the sites as well as our experience on our explore. A wider range of images get included too which can allow you to get a different feel of the location we have explored. Some spots do not always present enough for us to film for a full-length video, so we just take pictures and write up a report afterwards. All in all, there was a lot of content being missed out and thought as something new we should include these for our viewers to read.

The final and biggest addition to the website is our store. Selling items in urbex is a controversial topic and we looked to strike the best balance going forward. Photos take a certain level of skill and understanding to be able to capture a good image; This way we felt selling a hand full of prints would be a reasonable middle ground to open our shop on. Many explorers already sell prints so we looked at how we could be different. We decided on releasing “Location Bundles” which will have 10 prints included. These bundles will be released along with selected videos we upload for a limited time only. After that they will be gone. This way we do not overload our store and keep it fresh. We understand that buying 10 photos is not always suitable so we will also sell a selection of 3 photos from each member that we will rotate every few months.

That concludes our site overview. This blog section will serve as a place for UK urbex updates, updates about changes we make across our platforms, any day trips or full length urbex road-trips (you get the gist…) Be on the look-out for a fresh post here soon if you are interested. Blog posting is something we have yet to endeavour in so give us time! We will try to make them as visually appealing as possible and easy to read.

If you have any questions about any of our recent changes then feel free to contact us at our contact us page or on any social media sites (links below). Even better you can ask us directly on our discord server also linked below.

- Theo