Glynn's Grain Curiosity

August 5, 2021

We often receive emails and messages from people regarding our work, but one stood out to me especially. A new fan who had found our work via a shared post on Facebook came across our video of Imperial Grain, a familiar sight he recognised from the window of his Living room. As a lot of you may be aware, we create a report to go along with each location we visit showcasing the best photos captured from the featuring location. This photo taken from the rooftop originally shot to capture the beautiful Leith/Edinburgh skyline featured a building Glynn noticed all too well.

The photo featured above was the perfect candid shot to join another amazing photo of the Docks also featuring the Grain Warehouse That Glynn Already owned.

Glynn gave the below statement as I wanted to share this unique situation with you. As a reminder that it’s no matter if someone frowns at your work and actions; if they are within good intentions. People will always appreciate your work and it may just hit someone close to home… Literally. This has been a tough year for a lot of people, but I feel like Urbandoned has thrived more than ever and we are extremely lucky for that. A reminder that whatever niche you are interested in, keep at it as your efforts will get recognised.
Thank you for your support Glynn.

‘A few words’ from Glynn

It was no mean feat getting my wife to take a half decent photo. This one took about 10 tries so it will have to do. When I said, “make sure you frame it properly” after several abysmal attempts, she said “what do you mean, frame it?” That’s what I was up against!

I’ve lived opposite the grain warehouse located on the north side of Albert Dock, Leith for almost 7 years and during that time, have often thought about what it might be like inside. A few months ago, via a local Facebook page, I became aware of a video on You Tube featuring the grain warehouse, posted by the guys at Urbandoned. As well as the exterior of the building, the wonderfully shot video also showed the inside of this now unused Leith landmark. It was absolutely fascinating to see the machinery, workers graffiti, beautiful spiral iron staircase, even the old phone, after so many years of trying to imagine what the interior of this concrete monolith was like.

I was recently perusing the Urbandoned website and was naturally drawn to the reports section containing a report on the grain warehouse. There, I found the superb photograph taken from the roof of the grain warehouse, the one I’m holding, which shows my house, and I had to have it. So, as well as ordering the standard photograph package, I ordered a large print of this photograph as well.

It’s so lucky the guys at Urbandoned had the foresight to record a video of the grain warehouse: it’s now in the process of being demolished and would have been lost forever. Now, thanks to Urbandoned, it will live on in this fantastically narrated video and series of spectacular photographs.

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